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Cancelling flight tickets can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know the proper procedure. Knowing the proper Spirit airlines cancellation steps you can save your time as well as money. There are circumstances when you have to change your travelling plans and flights too.


  • » Spirit airlines offers several ways to cancel the flight tickets. Customers can cancel their flight bookings through mobile phone using the Spirit airlines application.
  • » You can also visit the official site of Spirit airlines to change or cancel your tickets.
  • » The customer support team of Spirit Airlines is available 24*7 to assist you in every possible way. If a customer is facing any problem while making Spirit airlines cancellation, then he/she can contact the professional team.
  • » There are some terms and conditions to cancel the flight tickets which need to be followed by every customer.


Spirit airlines gives an opportunity for easy and quick cancellation. Cancellation totally depends on the type of tickets purchased. Customers can change/cancel their bookings up to an hour prior to scheduled departure. If a customer makes spirit airlines cancellation within 24 hours, then there will be no extra charges. You can cancel your reservations 24 hours from the time of original bookings without paying any extra cancellation fee, regardless of selected fares. Customers can get a full refund upto 24 hrs after the time of purchase.


Extra cancellation fees will be charged if it has been more than 24 hours since you have made the Spirit airlines reservations, or if booking was done within 7 days of travel. Customers can retain the ticket value for 90 days and the value of the ticket will be applied for future purchase of tickets.


The credits can be used for multiple bookings unless and until the full value is used and it can be used for airfares, bags, vacation packages, etc.

Spirit airlines cancellation provides the full value of the reservations in form of reservation credits for bookings within six months. To redeem the flight credits, you just need to follow some easy steps. The future travel credits can be used only once with no remaining value after that. For example- if a customer has $150 travel credit and applies to a flight that is $100, then the customer will not be eligible to use the remaining $50 on the future flight.

Cancelling the flight tickets can be frustrating so it is better to purchase your flight tickets with a credit card that provides compensation.


In response to increasing coronavirus, Spirit airlines have made some changes in their policies. Spirit airlines is waiving all change and cancellation fees for flights affected. Spirit airlines cancellation are not issuing refunds this time but they are providing a full value of the reservations in the form of reservation credits, which will be applicable for 6 months. Due to COVID-19, they are offering flexible travel options through credits.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q: Does spirit give refunds for Cancelled Flights?

A) If the airline cancelled a flight for any reason and the passenger chooses not to travel, in this case passenger will get refunds from the airlines. And if you want to cancel your flights tickets for your own reasons and want refunds then you must cancel it within 24hours of booking tickets.

Q: How much does it cost to cancel the Spirit Flight tickets?

A) If customers cancel flight tickets beyond 24hours of booking then they are liable to pay the charges. And it depends on the medium of booking. Online cancellation charges are around $90 and $100 will be charge if processing at airport.

Q: Can I change my Spirit flight for free?

A) Yes, you change a flight on Spirit airlines for free 7 days prior or 24hours before departure. But if there is difference in fares then you liable to pay the difference if the new fares are higher than the previous one. If the new fares are lower, then airlines will refund the reset amount in form of future travel credit.

Q: What happens if my travel plan get cancelled and forget to cancel my flight ticket?

A) If you do not show up, your seat will be allocated to another person and you will have to bear the loss of the ticket.

Q: How do I cancel my Spirit airlines flight tickets?

A) Spirit airlines provides multiple options to change or cancel your flight tickets. The easiest way to cancel is visit spirit airlines official site and find “My Trips”. On this page follow the instructions and you may be able cancel/change your spirit flight tickets on your own. The other way is to call Spirit airlines number and ask for help in making cancellation or change. You can contact on +1 833-750-9822 for airline related queries.

Q. How long does it take Spirit to refund?

A) Spirit cancellation procedure takes 20 business days for the refund to get processed after the cancelation request is accepted. Refunds will be transferred in the same mode of payment that was used while making the ticket purchase.

Q. How do I rebook a Cancelled flight on Spirit?

A) For the flight tickets that are canceled by the Spirit Airline due to technical faults, weather changes, or for any other unexpected reason, the airline is liable to pay compensation to the passengers.

Further, for the canceled spirit flight tickets because of bad weather or any other situation, the traveler is offered an option to rebook the flight. However, they are offered assured accommodation.

Q. What will be the effect on ticket cancelation policies due to Covid 19?

A) Spirit airlines have made some changes in their policies as they are waiving cancellation fees for the affected flights. Spirit airlines cancellation portal is not issuing refunds this time but they are providing a full cost of reservations in the form of reservation credits, which will be applicable for 6 months. Spirit Airlines are offering flexible travel options through credits, during this pandemic.