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Save more on baggage fees, fare sales and ticket prices with Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club. The Spirit Air $9 Fare Club offers great discounts on Spirit Airlines baggage fees and exclusive lowest fares available. Spirit also offers several deals that are exclusive to members of the club. While low-cost Spirit Airlines tends to provide cheapest flight tickets to your preferred destinations, you need to remember that they charge more on other services like carry-on bags, seat assignment, etc. Following is the necessary information regarding Spirit $9 Fare Club:

  • » The Spirit $9 Fare Club costs $60 for the first year and $70 thereafter.
  • » The program saves your money on bag fees, airfares and other benefits.
  • » Members can save an average of $75 per Spirit Airlines flight booking with the $9 Fare Club.
  • » The Spirit $9 Fare Club is most beneficial for Frequent Spirit Flyers.
  • » Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club prices are usually $10, $15 or $20 cheaper each way than the normal ticket price.
  • » This membership is good for 365 days from the day you purchase it.


It is a pretty nice deal. When you join Spirit $9 Fare Club, you will get exclusive access to some of the lowest fares available and discounted prices on the bags you want to carry with you. Also, you can enjoy special deals that are only available to the $9 Fare Club members. It is reported that since this program began, the members have saved millions of dollars on their overall travel expenses. This gives you an ability to extend your savings to up to 8 other people on your travel itinerary.


The Spirit $9 Fare Club saves members as much as 50% on Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees. The stated discount depends on the baggage fee you would pay at the airport or boarding gate. If you want to add baggage after Spirit flight booking but before travelling, make sure to provide your $9 Fare Club Member number to the customer service agent. For the cheapest rate, purchase your bag 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. You will get a $9 discount for checked and carry-on bags


For customer’s satisfaction and convenience, Spirit Airlines renew the membership each year at $69.95 unless a member decides to cancel. It also reminds you a month before your renewal that they are charging your credit card on file. The month notice will also remind you of all the saving benefits you can enjoy as a member of Spirit $9 Fare Club.


Spirit Airlines provides a great opportunity for all the members to save $75 per booking, on average.

This low-cost airline also offers a trial membership starting at $20 for the first two months in some markets. Members receive lower prices on fare sales offers and save up to $11 per person per destination. Members can also receive a discount of $9 for each bag, each flight. This helps the members in saving at least $18 on each round trip.


Customers who are facing any queries related to reservation process, cancellation, flight change or more may directly call on spirit airlines reservations number. Spirit airlines customers support team is available 24*7 for its customers help and support. They will solve and clear all problems within no time. Also before making reservations check spirit airlines official site if there are any available deals and discounts. In this way you may save more while making spirit reservations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q: Can I get the trial membership of $9 Fare Club trial?

A) The trial option is available only when customers make reservations at spirit airlines official site and can get $9 fare club trial membership for $19.95. The benefits of the membership will active on the next online transaction with spirit airlines.

Q: What are benefits of $9 Fare Club membership?

A) Customers can join the club at $60 for the first year and after it will cost $70. By joining $ fare club customers can save their money on airfares, bag fess. On an average members of $9 fare club can save up to $75 per booking. This program is most beneficial to frequent flyers.

Q: How much can I save on checked bag if I joined Spirit airlines $9 fare club?

A) Spirit Airlines Checked baggage Allowance –

Standard Charges (During Online Check-In)–

  • First Bag - $47
  • Second Bag - $55
  • Third through Fifth Bags - $95

$9 Fare Club Charges (During Spirit.com Booking)–

  • First Bag - $28
  • Second Bag - $36
  • Third through Fifth Bags - $76