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Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap?

Spirit Airlines

This is absolutely right that Spirit Airlines charge so low when it comes to flight bookings and picking up the preferred seat according to the comfort and convenience. With Spirit Airlines it is easy to make hassle-free flight reservations through Spirit Airlines official site. There are several reasons why Spirit Airlines is so cheap. You can easily and quickly make Spirit Airlines Reservations after selecting the date and time with proper preferred destination and can enjoy your seamless flight journey. There are various options that will stress down you and get a comfortable seat simply.

Spirit Airlines offers you a great opportunity to select your preferred seat according to your comfort at an affordable rate. If money is more important than your comfort, must save your money by skipping this process i.e. fee for seat assignment. Spirit Airlines’ fee comes in the range from $5 to $38 and it is worth to pay money to pick such a comfortable seat.

Spirit also offers a comfortable and flexible baggage process and for that customers need to pay an extra affordable price. Spirit Airlines can charge you for checked baggage as a carry-on and the personal items are free.


Spirit Lowest Base Fares

Spirit Airlines keeps its base fares lowest as possible, and then charges passengers for almost every extra service they need. The airline provides extensive services to travelers at extra prices since it provides major services that too at cheap prices. Here is what you get with Spirit Airlines as your air travel partner:

  • Low overhead charges on the travelers while doing Spirit flight reservations
  • Low charges collected from the travelers for checking their baggage
  • Benefits on demand of booking Spirit flight tickets
  • Extra assistance on-demand or request by Spirit Airlines

Spirit Standard Airfare

As per the Spirit Airlines Standard Fare Policy, travelers get the best airfare available at the lowest prices and you have the right to add more options to your booking.

  1. With Standard Fare, you will be assigned a seat to your ticket and one personal item to carry onboard the Spirit flight.
  2. Amenities such as meals, snacks, drinks, reclining seats, and Wi-Fi services are not included in the Standard Fare.
  3. You need to pay more for other facilities like extra legroom, the seat of your own choice, etc.

Several Amenities offered by Spirit Airlines

Other than the lowest base fare and other services, you get a lot of other perks on your Spirit Airlines flight tickets. You get the following services:

  • Pay extra if you opt for in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and much more.
  • Choose seats of your own preference by booking Spirit’s spacious and comfortable big front seats.
  • Get amenities like refreshments and meals on extra payment.

These are the basic inflight facilities that passengers get while making Spirit flight booking. If you have any issue or a query on your mind, then you can reach out to the Spirit Airlines customer support service to get your issues resolved in no time.

Everything Will Cost You

Spirit Airlines provides low-cost flight tickets as they charge for everything whether it is your baggage or check-in process.

  • Boarding pass fee: if you print your boarding pass at the airport, it’ll cost you $1, whereas if you have the agent print it for you when you check-in, it is $10.
  • Seat choice: emergency exit seats cost an extra fee of $10. If you want to enjoy “Big Front” seats, then you need to pay an extra fee from $20-$50 depending on the flight.
  • Food and water: water bottles and soft drinks costs between $2-$3 and beer, wine costs between $7-$8.
  • Flight changes: you’ll be charged extra if you want to make changes in your existing flight bookings. The charges are somewhere between $90-$100.
  • Wifi: there is no WIFI facility available on Spirit Airline flights


Is Spirit Airline a trustworthy airline for cheap ticket

As indicated in prior entries, Spirit is a safe airline to fly. Excellent safety record, and good maintenance. I have just flown the aircraft once and found it to be completely safe. They entice you in with inexpensive costs, but just for the seat you are occupying.

Spirit Airlines' affordability is due to its unique business model and cost-saving efforts. Spirit can keep base fares low by offering à la carte pricing, adopting a no-frills approach, and preserving operational efficiency.
It is pleased to be one of Forbes' top 20 safest low-cost airlines in 2024. This grade puts Spirit Airlines on a level with other major airlines in the region. Spirit has a relatively good safety record, as proven by different reports. It is among 49 major airlines that have never had a fatal accident.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are usually the cheapest days to book a Spirit flight. Spirit Airlines promotions often limit travel these days. To book a flight, Dial Spirit at1 (855) 728-3555 .That is why you should try to book your ticket to your favorite destination now.
Spirit Airlines is noted for selling Flight tickets at a quarter of the price of other airlines. They adopt an a la carte pricing strategy, which allows them to quote low ticket rates but then charge for everything extra, even a carry-on.

Spirit Flight Customer Ratings

Booked my tickets at the lowest cost

Recently, I traveled from Las Vegas to Portland via a connecting flight from Cleveland and I was worried about the ticket prices. Despite of the peak month, Spirit airlines maintained its airfares at lowest prices that helped me to save on my ticket. Next time, I’m going to fly with my family on a spirit flight for sure.

Extras didn’t affected us

Every review I read about Spirit Airlines said that my pocket will be plundered with extras from the airline but I gave it a shot. Booked my flight from and added extras as per my requirements. The charges were not heavy as I remember but you need to be prepared for the extra fees of services you want. Though, you will be charged heavily if you don’t pay it online. Keep this in mind folks!!!


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