How do you Change Spirit Airlines Flight?

Spirit Airlines

Changing a flight on Spirit Airlines is a frequently searched term that every passenger performs after purchasing a plane ticket. However, many passengers are unaware of the flight change procedure, which is simple and easy to complete online. Passengers can easily request a flight change up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time without incurring any fees.


Steps to change Spirit Airlines Flight

  1. Go to the Spirit Airlines website and then to the My Trips section.
  2. Fill in the blanks with your last name and confirmation code.
  3. Select the Continue button.
  4. Now, from the list of your booked flights, select a flight that you want to change.
  5. To change your flight, follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are unable to change your flight using the steps outlined above, call Spirit Airlines' flight (8337509822) for immediate assistance from a highly skilled customer service team. It will only take a few minutes to change your Spirit Airlines flight.

How do you change your Spirit Airlines Flight without paying anything?

This could happen if you decide to modify your plane plans at the very last moment. You are also aware that changing your flight schedule on a specific date may result in a fee. However, there are ways to change your Spirit Airlines flight without paying a fee.

Here Are Some Important Points About Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy:-

You are advised to read Spirit Airlines' changed policy in advance so that if you need to change your flight, you do not have to pay an airline change fee or, at the very least, a higher fee. You can do so by following the advice provided below.

  • You must change your flight ticket within the first 24 hours after purchasing it.
  • Spirit Airlines may allow you to change your flight if you are involved in an unfortunate incident.
  • Instances such as a death in your family or being summoned for jury duty. In that case, you must send a copy of the obituary or summons to the airline to avoid paying a change fee.
  • If the departure or arrival time of Spirit Airlines changes, you do not have to pay a change fee to change to a different Spirit airline flight.
  • You should use a credit card that provides trip change coverage.

What is Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee?

If you are unable to change your flight using the steps outlined above, call Spirit Airlines' flight change number for immediate assistance from a highly skilled customer service team. It will only take a few minutes to change your Spirit Airlines flight.

Do you want to change the date of your Spirit Airlines flight? Then you can easily change your flight, but you will have to pay a change fee as specified by Spirit Airlines.

  • Change fees for standard tickets will be $90 online and $100 at the box office (On the Phone & the Airport)
  • Flight Flex Tickets, No Charges until 24 hours before departure
  • Award tickets are charged $110 for flight changes.
  • $99 Change Fees for Same-Day Flight Changes

Contact Customer Service for Spirit Airlines Flight Change

If you continue to have problems with flight changes or managing flight bookings, you can call Spirit Airlines Flight Change number 833-750-9822 to speak with a Spirit Airlines customer service representative who will provide you with the required details. The professional will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in the best way possible.

What is the phone number for Spirit Airlines' change of flight?

If you still have questions about the flight change fee, you can call Spirit Airlines' flight change phone number and speak with a customer service representative, who will provide you with answers to a variety of flight change-related questions. When you dial this number, you will receive assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Yes, customer can make flight changes up to an hour before the scheduled departure. Also, Spirit airlines offer no cost changes or cancellation to some guests.

When you make the changes/cancellation using spirit online service then it will cost you around $90 and at will cost $100 if processing takes place over phone or at the airport. In case of group booking it will cost $50 per passenger.

Yes, customers make changes within 24hours of booking or more than 7 days from the schedule date of departure it will cost nothing to them. And in this case customers only need to pay the fare difference. If the new fare is higher than the old fare customers need to pay that and if the new fare is lower, then the airlines will return the rest amount in the form of future travel credit. But if changes made after it then some charges may apply.

Customers can make changes or cancel your award ticket and it will cost $110 fee per passenger.

Change Spirit Flight Customer Ratings

Changed my Spirit flight without any extra charges

Okay so, I was going to travel from Orlando to Nashville to attend Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with my kids and husband on this June and I accidently booked a connecting flight via Fort Lauderdale airport. Soon I realized my mistake and changed for a direct flight to Nashville. I made the same day flight change and so I saved myself from hefty cancellation charges. Thank God!

Got my flight route changed by a customer representative

My plans were to cancel my already booked flight and change it to a new one. So to avoid the hotch- potch of flight cancellation, I connected to a customer service executive of Spirit Airlines. I told them all my issues and requested to change my flight route. They heard me completely, cancelled my ticket and changed it to a new one. I am extremely happy with their service.


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