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We understand the fact that several times customers have to cancel their airline reservation tickets due to some inevitable circumstances. Don’t worry about refunds and cancellation fees. Airline reservation window gives authority to the customers to cancel their flights without paying any extra fee or penalty charges. But it is necessary for each customer to go through each important details before making their flight bookings in order to avoid any future inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Here are some of the points of cancellation and refund policy that is followed by almost every airline.

The customer should be sure regarding the cancellation.

In case of refund, the cancellation has to be made within 24-hours of time when the booking was done.

“Zero cancellation” option is provided by many airlines at the time of booking.

Extra fee will be charged if cancellation is made a few hours before the departure time.

Cancellation charges will be implied on the ticket of each individual. For discounts, the Airline Reservations Team may contact you some individual point of interests for safety reasons.


Basically, the refund procedure takes 3-4 business days, depending upon your bank. The maximum number of days for refunds can be between 7-14 business days and it depends on your bank benefit which you are utilizing and upon the carrier.

We would not be responsible for refunds in case you have made your non-refundable flight bookings. So it is advised to you to go through all the important details of each airline thoroughly to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

Most of the airlines give you an authority to change or cancel your existing flight bookings within 24 hours or up to 3 hrs before the scheduled departure time.

A cancellation fee will be applicable that occur beyond 24 hours of airline reservations. The cancellation fee varies from airline to airline. Customers can claim for full refunds if they follow all the rules and refund policy of airlines.