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How to get Preferred Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines

As a traveler, you want to catch a flight that gives you an economical fare and sufficient facilities. Do not look beyond Spirit Airlines because they provide excellent tourist features. Moreover, you also wish to get the seat you like the most. Now you might be thinking that:

Can Spirit Airlines ask for any payment for the seat section? If you aspire to know about the seat selection process and payment process in Spirit Flights, please go through beneath section: -


Undeniably, flyers will acquire the topmost traveling facility and flight ticket discounts with Spirit Airlines. The error-free process of Spirit Airlines flight reservation is excellent, and there is no comparison regarding quality.

Therefore, if you have strong aspirations to obtain your favored seat on Spirit Airlines, you can get assistance with seat assignments. But before understating the whole psychic of the seat-choosing process, have a glance at some brief information about Spirit Airlines.

Few Short Opening Words on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a credible airline firm starting from the US, and the main branch of the airline is in Miramar, Florida. The airline has been contributing to the growth of the aviation sector since its inception in 1983. Throughout a long span of almost 40 years, Spirit Airlines has become the most desirable air carrier for people of the US as well as foreign tourists. The elevated services and facilities on its premises have impressed people. The client service and support are incomparable and helpful to all types of guests.

Spirit Airlines has a spacious 190+ fleet size capacity and operates in almost 50 local places and 28 global places worldwide. Nearly 18 countries are taking the benefits of Spirit Airlines' services.

The Process of Seat Selection on Spirit airlines flight booking

Have you reserved Spirit Airlines tickets for your upcoming vacation trip? However, you also need your favorite seat on the flight. Now we will provide you the details of selecting your seat on Spirit Airlines. Please watch out for the details given in the beneath section and apply similarly:-

Online Procedure of Seat Selection on Spirit Airlines

We advise all tourists to use the online method to select their favorite seats on Spirit Airlines. Go through the functional process written underneath and act similarly:-

  • Please locate the genuine website of the Spirit Airlines
  • Now please search the login option; after that, login with your password and essential credentials
  • After that, please choose the appropriate Spirit Airline booking on the basis of your expense capacity and requirements
  • Later on, provide all the information on the given box
  • Choose your favorite seat
  • Now make the necessary payment to confirm the seat selection on Spirit Airlines

Offline Procedure of Seat Selection on Spirit Airlines

As soon as you Book Spirit Flight, you might be thinking of desired seat selection on Spirit Airlines. Now get into deep information about the offline process to choose the desirable seat:-

  • Kindly locate the Spirit Airlines customer care number on its authorized web portal
  • Now tap on the contact us page from the Menu bar of the website
  • Read the phone number and dial it from your Smartphone
  • While dialing the phone number, listen to the IVR rules carefully and perform accordingly
  • When you pick the right key, you will have communication with Spirit Airlines Spokesperson
  • Please hand over all the information related to your Spirit airlines reservations to the spokesperson
  • Tell him or her about your choice of seat, and he will make a seat assignment in advance for you
  • Please make payment for the confirmation of the seat selection process through the customer dare number.'

May I Choose My Preferred Seat on Spirit Airlines After Making A Reservation?

The answer is a big yes. Any passenger can choose their desirable seat even after they have made the flight booking earlier. But as we know, every process has rules and standards everyone should abide by. Therefore, if you are curious to understand the process, you must study the information under the lines.

By navigating the authorized web portal of Spirit Airlines, you can easily select your seat even after making a flight reservation. However, you can get support from the Spirit Airlines My trips segment. This segment will help you pick the seat you want to book after your reservation.

If you don't understand the website and mobile app process, you can interact with the talented squad of Spirit Airlines customer contact helpline number. They will choose their favorite seat as per your instructions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Spirit Airlines' ticket selection process is simple, making it easy to reserve your selected seats. You are able to select your seats once you buy your tickets or once you verify the booking. Let's go over the specifics of selecting your chosen seats.

When making a reservation

  • To begin, visit Spirit Airlines' official website. (
  • Then, enter all the required details into the given search tool and look for accessible flights.
  • Select a suitable flight and look for the "Seat Selection" option.
  • Click on it to view the seat map. Check out the seat availability and easily secure your desired seats.

Following the confirmation of a flight reservation

  • If your flight reservation has been confirmed, you can book your seats using the "My Trips" option.
  • First, visit Spirit Airlines.
  • Select "My Trips" from the homepage.
  • Log in to your account using your login information, or search for your trip using your details.
  • After that, select the "Spirit Airlines Seat Selection" choice in the booking information.
  • Choose your seat and pay for it right away to ensure a comfortable flight.

By completing these straightforward instructions, you may simply select the seats you want. Furthermore, you can communicate with airline personnel to book your seats without difficulty.

To fly on any of Spirit's flights, you must purchase a ticket. The base price for cheaper tickets is usually between $29 and $39, however, it might be much shorter or significantly higher. Individual seat selection is not reflected in the airfare price provided you pay an extra fee in advance. Tickets are allocated at random during check-in.

That is, here is no guarantee that you will be seated alongside relatives or close friends until you purchase an area with others. So, if you're flying with others, study the Spirit Airlines policy carefully and book your seats beforehand.

Choosing Your Seat: If you like, you can do it during the booking process or later using the airline's website or mobile app. Spirit Airlines charges a surcharge for individual seat selection. The price varies depending on the route, seat type (e.g., standard, exit row, "Big Front Seat"), and when you make your reservation.

There are three basic possibilities for selecting a seat aboard Spirit:

  • Pay to select seats a la carte when reserving or at any time before check-in.
  • Purchase a package that includes seat selection, baggage, and additional perks like priority boarding.
  • You will not be charged if you do not select a seat.

If you struggle to fit into small airplane seats or simply want more leg room, Spirit may be one of the few carriers where you should select a middle seat. Spirit's middle seats are now 18 inches wide, which is the industry norm, as opposed to 17 inches for window and aisle seats.

Big Front Seat occupants benefit from up to 32% additional legroom as compared to ordinary seats, with eight or ten such seats available on each flight, depending on the aircraft. There is also no intermediate seat because all Big Front Seats are either window or aisle.

Preferred Seats: Located toward the front of the economy cabin, Preferred Seats provide somewhat more legroom than standard seats, making them an excellent alternative for customers looking for a little extra comfort without opting for the Big Front Seats.

Through Manage My Booking: If you've already booked your flight and want to upgrade your seat, go to the Spirit Airlines website and navigate to the "Manage My Booking" area. Here, you can examine your booking details and customer service and, if available, select the seat upgrade option.

At flight check-in, Spirit Silver tier members will have access to complimentary seat selection.

Gold members will receive a complimentary seat selection at the time of reservation, with the option of selecting exit row seats as well.

Unlike other airlines, Spirit offers only three seat types and service classes.

Standard seats

Spirit's basic seats account for the vast majority of available seats on the aircraft. A basic seat can be purchased separately or as part of a package, which we'll go over shortly.

While you might want to compare a regular seat to economy class on another airline, don't expect much more than a seat. As a low-cost carrier, you'll have to pay for everything else, from drinks and snacks to carry-on bags and other services.

Premium seats

Premium seats on Spirit are exit row seats that provide a bit more legroom but also need passengers to be able and willing to assist in an emergency. According to federal regulations, passengers under the age of 15 are not permitted to select these seats.

Big Front Seats

While Spirit does not have a real first-class cabin, it does provide bigger seats with additional legroom at the front of the plane. The seats in this section are known as the Big Front Seats by the airline.

Big Front Seat occupants benefit from up to 32% additional legroom as compared to ordinary seats, with eight or ten such seats available on each flight, depending on the aircraft. There is also no intermediate seat because all Big Front Seats are window or aisle.

Number of Seats Airbus A319 (319) and size

  • 10 large front seats (Pitch: 37", Width: 22", Under Seat Area: 20.8"22" at widest point) at the front of the plane
  • 135 luxury leather seats (pitch: 28-31", width: 17", under seat area: 18"x20").
  • There are nine seats allocated for guests with disabilities.
  • Seats with fixed armrests: Rows 1-5
  • 2 seats in the bottom row with no windows
  • 6 exit seats in the wings (pitch: 38")
  • The plane has two kitchens, one in the front part and another in the back.
  • There are two lavatories aboard the plane, one on each side.
  • Front measures are 20" x 25"; back dimensions are 22" x 25".
  • There will be a total of six deviations: two in the leading edge, two over the wing, and 2 in the back.
  • 17" is the breadth of the aisle.

Airbus A320 (32A/32N) Seats and size

  • 8 spacious front seats (Pitch: Row 1 - 22", Row 2 - 34", Width: 22.8", Under Seat Area: 20.75"x20" at the broadest point)
  • 174 luxurious leather seats (Pitch: 28-29", Width: 16", Under Seat Area: 18"x19")
  • 12 seats are dedicated to disabled guests.
  • Seats with fixed armrests: Rows 1-3
  • 12 exit seats located in the wings
  • The plane has two galleys, one in the front right and one in the back right.
  • There are three lavatories aboard the plane: one on the left side, one in the middle, and one in the back, middle, and left side (these two lavatories can be joined to create one wheelchair-accessible toilet).
  • Sizes on the front: 20" x 25" Dimensions of the back center: 20" x 25" 15" x Back Left, 17.2" x 22.9" Dimensions When combined, the back measurements are 78"x 87"x 57".
  • There are two exits from the entrance, four from the wings, and two from the back.
  • The aisle measures 24" wide.

Airbus A321 (32B) Seats and size

  • 8 Large Front Seats at the Plane's Front (Pitch: Row 1 - 22.9" Row 2 - 35", Width: 20.9")
  • 227 luxurious leather seats
  • Row 3: Pitch 30", Width: 17.5"/18.5"/ 17.5"
  • Rows 4–6: Pitch 29", Width: 17.5" / 18.5" / 17.5"
  • Row 18-19: Pitch 37", Width: 17.5" / 17.5" / 17.5" Rows 7–17: Pitch 28", Width: 17.5" / 18.5" / 17.5"
  • Rows 20–23: Pitch 28", Width: 17.5"/ 18.5"/ 17.5"
  • Rows 24–28: Pitch 29", Width: 17.5"/ 18.5"/ 17.5"
  • Row 29: LH Pitch 38", RH Pitch 44", LH Width: 17.5"/ 17.5"/ 17.5", RH Width: 17.5"/ 17.5" Row 39 Width: 17.5"/ 18.5"/ 17.5", Row 40 Width: 16.5"/ 17.5"/ 16.5"
  • 12 seats are dedicated to disabled guests.
  • Seats with fixed armrests: Rows 1-3, 29EF, 30D
  • There are 8 exits, two in the main portion of the establishment, two above the wings themselves, two beneath the wings, and 2 in the back.
  • There are 17 exit seats.
  • There are three restrooms: one on the left in the front two on the left and the center in the rear. A privacy curtain and transfer seat are included in the left rear lavatory. Guests with wheelchairs will be unable to bring their wheelchairs into the restroom, but they can utilize the transfer seat to move from their wheelchair into the restroom and back again. While finishing this process, the curtain can be employed to create privacy.
  • Dimensions:
  • Dimensions on the front: 20" x 25" Dimensions of the center back: 23" x 17.1"
  • Reverse left: 17.2" x 22.9

Number of Seat Airbus A321 NEO (32Q) and size

Only rows 1–14 of this aircraft are outfitted with B/E Aerospace Pinnacle leather-covered seats with 4-way adjustable headrests and eye-level magazine storage.

  • Rows 15 and beyond are outfitted with non-reclining Recaro SL3510 slimline seats.
  • 17.7" is the width of the seat.
  • Seat pitch: 30 in rows 2-14.
  • Rows 15 and 17-36: 30 4"Row 16: 35" Rows 28-37: 30"1" Rows 1 and 27 provide more legroom.
  • Seat recline: 3" (rows 15 and aft do not recline).
  • WiFi-enabled by Inmarsat EAN

All seats feature USB charging ports, and rows 1–14 have universal power outlets as well.

Except for rows 1 and 27, all seats have movable armrests.


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