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If you and your pet are looking for a true adventure this year, jumping on a plane and flying to unknown destinations may sound terrific. While airlines are becoming more pet-friendly, knowing the regulations of your preferred airline can help you fly more smoothly. Spirit Airlines has different rules for animals on its aircraft based on the job the animal plays. Spirit Airlines accepts service animals, emotional support animals (ESAs), psychiatric support animals (PSAs), and regular pets, all of which have different restrictions based on the animal's classification. Let's go through the differences between service animals and emotional support animals before we get into the specifics of Spirit Airlines' animal regulations.


What animals are not allowed in Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines maintains a list of particular animals not permitted onboard under any circumstances. For example, spirit airlines reservation will not allow you to travel with Reptiles from other species, Hamsters, mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents; ferrets, Sugar gliders are a type of gliders that flies, snakes, spiders.

Spirit Airlines also specifies that "other strange creatures" may or may not be permitted to fly on its flights. In addition, they consider variables such as the animal's size, whether it poses a hazard to the health or safety of passengers if it is likely to disrupt cabin service, and whether the animal is prohibited from entering a foreign nation when determining whether it may travel.

What is Pet Policy on Spirit Airlines?

Domestic flights on Spirit Airlines can carry domesticated dogs, cats, small domestic rabbits, and small home birds. However, no animals are permitted on foreign flights, and birds and rabbits are not permitted on flights to the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Spirit Airlines' pet policy allows just six pet carriers per trip, limiting two pets per container and one container per passenger. On each flight, Spirit Airlines charges a price of $110 per pet container (a total of $220 for round-trip pet transport). The pet carriers must fulfill the same size standards as carry-on luggage and be stored in the cabin.

What are the Important Guidelines for Pet Travel?

With effect from January 11th, 2021, emotional support animals (ESAN) will need to travel as a pet per updated Department of Transportation (U.S. DoT) requirements. The animal must fulfill some important requirements to travel as a pet:

Spirit allows the following animals/pets on the flight:

  • Domestic cats
  • Domestic dogs
  • Small rabbits (except to/from U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico)
  • Small birds (except to/from U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Farm poultry, waterfowl, predator birds, and flightless birds are some categories that won't be considered household birds as per Spirit Airlines' revised pet policy.

Pet Travel Guidelines

  • Spirit does not ask for a rabies vaccination certificate for pets traveling to Puerto Rico.
  • There is no requirement of a health certificate for pets traveling in the flight cabin with their owners, except for those traveling to the United States Virgin Islands.
  • Spirit only allows small dogs, cats, rabbits, and domestic birds on its flight cabins.
  • Reptiles such as snakes, spiders, rodents, etc. are not allowed onboard the flight.
  • Birds are not allowed to travel on flights to/from U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.
  • The maximum size of the pet carrier allowed on a Spirit Airlines flight is 18” x 14” x 9” (45.72 cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86 cm) in overall dimensions (L x W x H).
  • More than 2 pets per carrier can't travel and only one container per customer is allowed.
  • They must be able to stand straight, upright, and move around comfortably in the container.
  • The pet must remain in the carrier throughout the journey.
  • The pet must be older than eight weeks and fully weaned.
  • The pet must be harmless, odorless, non-disruptive, and inoffensive.
  • Advance notice of the pet travel is recommended.
  • The pet must be healthy, calm, and non-violent.
  • The pet won't be transported in the Cargo cabin at any time.
  • Pets are not accepted to travel on international flights, except service animals.
  • Passengers may sit in any row except the first and emergency exit rows.
  • The pet's total weight with the carrier should not be more than 40 pounds (18.14kg).

Security Screening

The pet animal must be present for screening at the security checkpoint. The passenger on a Spirit flight can walk through the metal detector with their pet, or the animal must go through a secondary screening, including a visual and physical inspection. Only the pet carrier will be put through the X- ray equipment, not the animal.

What is Spirit Airlines Policy on Service Animals?

Spirit Airlines is required by federal rules to allow service animals to fly with their owners. Despite this, it is still suggested that you bring the necessary papers and fill out forms ahead of time to avoid problems during your trip. It is not considered sufficient evidence that an animal is a trained service animal. A service animal vest, harness, ID card, or registration is required by Spirit Airlines. Essentially, they claim the authority to refuse animals' passage if they do not act as a service animal should. Spirit Airlines has different rules and limitations, including the need for the animal to be with you.

Spirit Airlines Pet Travel Reviews

I faced no issues while flying with my husky

Last week, I traveled with my 6 weeks old pup which is a female Siberian husky on a Spirit Airlines flight. She is a bit moody when she experiences something unusual. Anyways, my flight was on time and Rosette faced no issues on board. She didn’t even show any effects of grumpiness even on the flight. I was relieved.

My pet carrier got checked in within no time

This was my first time travel with spirit. I arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the flight scheduled take-off and I was worried about the pet carrier that I was carrying with me. I was worried that if the carrier will be check in or not. But I took a breath of calm when a spirit airport staff checked my pet carrier and it was done within no time. I entered my flight cabin within a moment of minutes. Thank you Spirit for this gesture!


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