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Spirit Airlines consider kids ages 5 to 14 years unaccompanied minors. Moreover, kids aged 15 years and above travel single-handedly are adults, according to Spirit Airlines.


Is It Realistic For Kids To Fly Spirit Solo?

Well, the answer is yes. The age duration between 5 to 10 years of kids is unaccompanied minors. They get permission to fly solo on a Domestic nonstop flight. But Airlines will not allow such minors on a stopover, international, or domestic flights that may have plans to change. Spirit Airlines is always committing to service excellence to its travelers, and minors will get all the support and care.

  • Young travelers will get refreshments and meals on the Flight.
  • If you are an Unaccompanied Minor and traveling in aircraft, please act as per the airline minor policy guidelines:
  • At the time of flight booking, you must mention that the reservation is for an unaccompanied minor.
  • Travelers must fill out the Unaccompanied Minor form at the airport before we approve kids for flying. Parents and guardians must submit the form with essential information and the minor's identity card.
  • The airline will give lanyards, and young flyers must attach them to the form. Unaccompanied minors have to wear the lanyard during the whole journey.
  • Such lanyard is the identification of minors, and Spirit airlines can easily detect them
  • Kindly reach the airport ticket window minimum of one hour before the Flight takes off.
  • After flight departure, the guardian of the minors must stay at the entrance for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The guardians of unaccompanied minors that arrive to drop their kids at the terminal must carry an entry pass at the ticket window. This pass will help parents see off and stay at the gate until the minor boards the Flight.
  • People who have just come to see off their unaccompanied child must show their government-allotted ID to get a gate pass.
  • The flight attendant, cabin crew, or air hostess only considers your child unaccompanied when you have completed all formalities.
  • Single-handedly minors who reach late to board the Flight in advance may have to wait. They will have to board very last after the flight attendant considers them.


Spirit airline permits unaccompanied minors to fly on the aircraft throughout pre- boarding. The airline considers these minors the initial travelers, which is why they allow them easily. The boarding process for solo minor travelers is smooth.

An unaccompanied minor must reach the airport on time for pre-boarding to get first boarding. Such late-coming minors will get permission to board the Flight very last. It only focuses on the significance of coming to the airport on time. Particularly when your kid is not habitual travel solo, you must reach the airport early.


We have stated earlier that the guardian needs to remain at the terminal until the Flight departs. It is usual for a guardian to wait at the entrance for at least 15 minutes post- flight takes off. It is because there might be a possibility of flight cancellation and other things so that passengers may return to the gate.

Hence, if you see off a kid, take sufficient time to make them face the security check at the gate. Moreover, 15 minutes additional after the flight leaves. Remember that Flights can postpone or late, so have some time for all such happenings.


The flight attendant will accompany the minor flyer at the time of flight arrival at the end destination. They will ensure a safe landing and meeting of the minor with the familiar people at the airport.

Keep in brain that aircraft often land before the scheduled time. Therefore, people who want to pick up minor travelers must reach the airport at least 1 hour before the flight landing.

Beverages and Refreshment

Spirit Airlines offer refreshment and soft drinks on the plane. It will be good to pack some eatery items for your child. As you understand your kid's hunger better, giving them some eatable items can make them comfortable. Moreover, you may also give your child some amusement sources so they can take pleasure in them.

What Are the Essential Documents for Unaccompanied Minors?

An authentic guardian and parents must hand over all the documents, including their kids' air ticket, Photo ID, and boarding pass. A legal passport and visa are also necessary to document. Spirit Airline also asks for evidence of the minor's connection with accompanying non-traveling passenger on the Flight. They ask for such evidence to prevent any kidnapping or human trafficking.

How Does Spirit Airlines Handle Unaccompanied Minors?

Parents are often afraid about the security and solo trips of their children. But sometimes tough decisions are good for human growth. You can boost your kid's confidence by making them solo traveling. Some circumstances in life compel you to drop your child lonely because you will not be there for him/her everywhere. Suppose your kids have a scholarship or want to go overseas for higher education; what would you do? Naturally, you can't fly with your child, so you must make your kid comfortable flying alone.

When flying through Spirit Airlines, there is no hurdle or worry. Spirit Airlines' unaccompanied minor policy is easy, and you must read it before your child travel alone.

The age eligibility for unaccompanied kids flying with Spirit Airlines is:-

4 Years of Smaller. Spirit Airlines never allow kids equal to 4 and smaller to fly alone. The Flight will only allow minors with a minimum of 15 years of age. The airline considers children of 15 years as singlehanded minors to fly via the airport solo.

5 Years To 14 Years: Spirit Airlines allows minors between 5 and 14 years to travel solo like unaccompanied minors. Even if a grownup traveler who is at least 15 years old is not actually on onboard the journey

15 Years and Older: Spirit Airlines permits minors with age 15 years and greater to fly easily and for free.

What Are Unaccompanied Minor Charges on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines demands unaccompanied minor service charges of 100 dollars for every travel. The charges also include Flights that provides drinks and refreshment on the board. If the flight ticket is for a round trip, then charges will increase to 200 dollars (2- way flights). The service charges for unaccompanied children are not included in the passenger flight ticket. Hence you must pay unaccompanied fees independently.

How Do Unaccompanied Minors Make Reservations On Spirit Airlines?

Users can book Spirit Airlines flight tickets for unaccompanied minors through mobile and online. Users can reserve plane tickets by phone, and airport staff will receive a call to book tickets accordingly. Moreover, online, people can book Spirit Airlines tickets for minors by visiting the official website and mobile app.

  • The flight reservation process for an unaccompanied minor is effortless.
  • The kid needs to be at the airport while booking at the premises.
  • The child's parent and guardian must hand over essential documents to the airport authority.
  • The documents may include the date of birth, school/college ID card, Photo ID, etc.
  • The airline demands a specific amount for unaccompanied juveniles, and parents must pay the same.
  • The charges are according to the airline's minor policy.

What You Should Keep in Brain for Unaccompanied Minor Flight Reservation

Parents or guardians must provide essential instructions before making flight reservations for unaccompanied minors:-

  • Spirit Airlines has not permitted any juvenile to make an international flight reservation. However, minors can book international flights to and from the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  • The associated people with minors must remain at the airport gate for a minimum of 15-20 minutes before departure.
  • The airline doesn't permit singlehanded Juveniles to perform their flight check-in online.
  • The flight attendant will recognize kids as unaccompanied minors during the plane boarding. We request all parents, guardians, and associates for children to reach the airport at least 60 minutes before the flight leaves.
  • The kids who reach the airport very late for pre-boarding will get the last seat and boarding by a flight attendant.
  • Juveniles must finish their flight check-in 60 minutes before the planned Flight leaving time.
  • Users or parents must mention that flight booking is for singlehanded juveniles in spirit Airlines.
  • Spirit Airlines doesn't permit juveniles to fly on connecting flights, domestic aircraft with planned change, or international flights.

Dropping and Picking Up Details of Singlehanded Juvenile

Singlehanded Juveniles must perform check-in activity at the airport. Parents or guardians must submit a form with correct details, Photo ID, and necessary information to the ticket counter. After spirit airline approves minors to board the Flight, parents need to get the boarding pass. The airline representative will note all the details and reserve it for a lanyard. The juvenile must wear that lanyard during the trip as spirit staff can identify them as an accompanied minor. Don't forget to include the Unaccompanied Minor form with the lanyard.

The people that come to see off the kid at the gate should carry a gate pass through the airport window. They also wait at the entrance premise with kids after the flight leaves. A non-flying person must submit government authorized ID to get a gate pass. Parents must get to the airport minimum of 1 hour to complete the check-in at the airport gate.

Necessary Documents and ID for Minors to Provide at the Airport

Spirit Airlines' unaccompanied minor guideline says that juveniles of 17 years and small must submit government-authorized ID. The juvenile is to hold the following ID cards when making Spirit Flight reservation:-

  • Birth Certificate Replica
  • Valid Passport
  • A government to state allotted Photo ID
  • Student Visa (if applicable)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

The associated guardian or parents mentioned on the Unaccompanied Minor Form must reach one hour before the landing. Moreover, they must get a gate pass from the airline ticket window. A flight attendant will accompany your kids from the plane and give the Unaccompanied Minor form to the parents or guardian.

The singlehanded must become available a minimum of 1 hour before the plane leaves. The parents or anyone who has come with minors must see off to the gate. Moreover, they must wait for 15 minutes after the flight leaves.

As per Spirit Airlines' minor policy, they will ask for 100 dollars per traveler as an unaccompanied minor fee. The minor fee also comprises food and drinks. Minor charges are separate from the flight ticket for your child. Hence please make the payment of such charges separately from than air ticket. If a minor travels on a roundtrip flight, they must pay 200 dollars for two-way flights.

Spirit Airlines has determined that the kids aged 5 to 14 years traveling solo without any company of an associate passenger of 15 years and above are unaccompanied juveniles.

Spirit Airlines have permitted children aged 5 to 14 to travel solo to much domestic Flight. But they will only get permission to travel with indirect, stopover, international, and domestic Flight that has planned to change to other planes. Spirit Airlines take care of all minors passengers and provide them with necessary refreshments and food.

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Reviews

My kids were happy on this Spirit flight

My twin kids Brandon and Scarlett, both 10, flown on a Spirit flight last week. I was unable to fly with them and so they were alone without any guardian on the flight. I want to thank Spirit Airlines for their service to keep my kids safe without any trouble. I took a sigh relief when they landed. You get the well-wishes of a mother Spirit.

As expected treatment from Spirit

I was worried about my 12 year old sending alone on a flight. Being a single mother and having an only child, it scares me to the core about leaving my kid alone. Though I made the decision and I am happy that Spirit Airlines out its best in everything in ensuring safety of my child. I will definitely book my next flight from Spirit Airlines.


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