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Spirit Airlines treats youngsters between the ages of 5 and 14 who travel alone without being physically accompanied by a known adult passenger on the same trip who is 15 years or older as Unaccompanied Minors.


Is it possible for children to travel alone on Spirit?

Yes. Certain ages of children (known as Unaccompanied Minors) are permitted to travel alone on domestic (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) direct flights. They will NOT be permitted on connecting flights, international flights, or domestic flights with a scheduled aircraft change. Onboard, we'll make sure your young flier is well-cared for and given a snack and drink.

When flying as an Unaccompanied Minor, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • When making a reservation, please specify that it is for an unaccompanied minor.
  • Before we can accept the child for travel, an Unaccompanied Minor form must be completed at the airport by the drop-off parent/guardian, along with photo identification. This form will be inserted into the lanyard we provide, which the Unaccompanied Minor must wear throughout the flight, and will be used to identify Unaccompanied Minors by Spirit Airlines employees.
  • Please arrive at the ticket counter at least 60 minutes before your departure time.
  • After the flight takes off, the person who dropped off the child must remain at the gate for 15 minutes.
  • The person who drops the child off at the airport should obtain a gate pass at the ticket counter, accompany the child to the gate, and remain in the gate area with the Unaccompanied Minor until the flight takes off. Non-traveling individuals who present a government-issued photo ID will be issued gate passes.
  • The designated pick-up parent/guardian on the Unaccompanied Minor Form must arrive at the destination airport early in order to obtain a Gate Pass from the ticket counter and be at the gate when the aircraft arrives. A Flight Attendant will accompany the child off the aircraft and release the child to the pick-up parent/guardian on the Unaccompanied Minor form.
  • The child will be pre-boarded and identified as an Unaccompanied Minor by the Flight Attendant. Unaccompanied Minors who arrive too late to be pre- boarded may be the last to board in order to be introduced to the Flight Attendant.


Spirit, like the majority of other airlines, allows unaccompanied minors to board the plane during pre-boarding. Because these are the first passengers to board, the boarding process is less stressful.

If an unaccompanied minor arrives late and fails to arrive in time for pre-boarding, they will be the last to board. This just emphasises the importance of arriving at the airport early, especially if your child isn't used to flying alone.


After the flight takes off, the person who dropped off the child must stay at the airport for 15 minutes. It is customary for the parent to remain at the gate for 15 minutes after departure in case something goes wrong and the plane needs to return to the gate.

So, if you're dropping off a child, give yourself enough time to get them through security and to the gate, plus an extra 15 minutes after departure. Keep in mind that delays can occur, so try to be conservative when allocating time for all of these steps.


When the flight arrives at its destination, the child will be escorted off the plane by a flight attendant and handed over to the person named on the Unaccompanied Minor form or a Spirit employee.

Remember that flights frequently arrive several minutes early, so I recommend arriving at the airport 30 to 60 minutes before the scheduled landing time.

You can track flights using various apps, but I always recommend using FlightAware so that you know exactly when the flight will land.

Snack and Drink

On board, Spirit Airlines will provide your child with a snack and a drink. While the airline will provide them with a snack and drink, you know your child's appetite best, so it's probably a good idea to send them flying with some sort of snack pack that they'll enjoy.

You should also consider what types of entertainment they will require to keep them entertained on a plane.

Documents needed for unaccompanied minor

Spirit Airlines requires that all children, regardless of age, have their travel documents provided by a parent or legal guardian. A valid passport as proof of citizenship is required, as are visas. To prevent child abduction, Spirit Airlines may also request proof of the minor's relationship with the passenger accompanying him/her on the flight.

What are policies and fees for unaccompanied minors on Spirit Airlines?

Every parent is terrified and scared at the prospect of their adorable little one travelling alone. However, there is little one can do when such an unfortunate scenario arises. After all, you'll have to let your child fly to their destination with a heavy heart and prayers on your lips for a safe and stress-free voyage. You only need to be aware of Spirit Airlines's unaccompanied minor policy to make things simpler.

The following are the age requirements for unaccompanied children travelling with Spirit Airlines:

4 Years and Under: Spirit Airlines does not permit children under the age of 4 to fly independently. Even if such minors are compelled to fly, they must be escorted aboard by a traveler who is at least 15 years old. The airline treats youngsters who are too young to travel through the airport alone.

Spirit Airlines enables children aged 5 to 14 to fly alone as unaccompanied minors even if an adult passenger aged 15 years or older is not physically present on board the trip.

15 Years and Above: Spirit Airlines enables minors aged 15 and up to fly for free.

What is unaccompanied minor fee on Spirit Airlines?

An unaccompanied minor service fee of $100 per passenger is charged by Spirit Airlines each trip. Snacks and refreshments for the youngster to be supplied on the flight are also included in the price. For a roundtrip flight, the unaccompanied minor service cost is $200. (for a two- way flight). The service cost for unaccompanied kids is separate from the passenger's airline tickets and must be paid separately.

What is the booking Process for Unaccompanied Minors on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines accepts reservations for unaccompanied minors by phone or online via the airline's official website or mobile app. The booking procedure is simple. First, the child's status will be presented, indicating whether or not they are an unaccompanied minor. Next, the kid's parent or guardian must submit information regarding the child's date of birth and complete the relevant facts about the youngster requested by the airline. In the event of an unaccompanied juvenile, the airline will charge a breakdown cost, which the parent must accept if the kid is travelling alone and unaccompanied minor assistance is necessary.

Important Points to Remember

You need to remember some important points before booking a Spirit flight for an unaccompanied minor aged below 15 years. These are -

  • Minors are not allowed to book an international flight except for the flights to and from Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Island.
  • The accompanying person must stay at the airline’s counter for at least 15 minutes after the child boarded the flight.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to complete their flight check-in online.
  • At the time of pre-boarding, the flight attendant will identify children as unaccompanied minors. Unaccompanied minors who arrive too late to be pre-boarded may be seated last in order to meet the Flight Attendant.
  • Minor can complete their flight check-in up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure.
  • You need to specify that the reservation is for an unaccompanied minor in your Spirit Airlines booking.
  • A minor will not be allowed to travel on international flights, connecting flights, or any domestic flights with a scheduled change.

Drop-off and Pick-up Information

Unaccompanied Minors must check-in at the airport counter and the passenger needs to fill out a form with photo identification before Spirit Airlines accept the minor for travel. A customer service executive will document the information on the Unaccompanied Minor form and keep a copy of this information. The information will then be wrapped up in a lanyard that must be worn throughout the entire flight so that Spirit employees can identify the child as an Unaccompanied Minor.

At the airport, the person accompanying the child to the gate must obtain a gate pass from the airline's counter and remain in the gate area with the child until the flight departs. In exchange for a gate pass, non-traveling individuals must present a government-issued photo ID. The minor should check-in at the gate at least 60 minutes prior to flight take-off. The person dropping off the child must accompany the child to the gate and remain there for at least 15 minutes after the flight departs.

Children traveling alone will be pre-boarded and will be identified as an Unaccompanied Minor by the flight attendant. Unaccompanied Minors will be boarded last if they arrive too late to pre-board to ensure identification with the flight attendant.

Identification Requirements for Minors

As per the policy, unaccompanied minors aged 17 years or younger need to produce a government- issued photo ID. The minor must possess the below identification documents while booking a Spirit Airlines flight -

  • Passport
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate
  • A government or state-issued photo ID.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Children (unaccompanied minors) of certain ages are allowed to travel on several domestic (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) flights. However, they won’t be allowed to travel on connecting flights, International flights, or domestic flights that include changing of aircraft. The minor will be given utmost care on Spirit Airlines flights and also offered a snack and drink.

The designated pick-up parent or guardian on the Unaccompanied Minor Form must arrive at the destination airport early to obtain a Gate Pass at the ticket counter and be at the gate when the aircraft arrives. A Flight Attendant will escort the child off the plane and hand over the Unaccompanied Minor form to the pick-up parent or guardian.

Spirit Airlines considers children aged five (5) to fourteen (14) flying alone without being accompanied by a passenger aged 15 or older as "Unaccompanied Minors."

Spirit Airlines charges $100 per passenger each way as unaccompanied minor fee. This includes the costs of refreshments and snacks. The Spirit Airlines minor service charge is an additional cost that must be paid in addition to the passenger's airfare. The unaccompanied minor service fee will be $200 for a roundtrip flight (for both flights).

The Unaccompanied Minor should check in at least 60 minutes prior to aircraft departure at the boarding gate. The person who drops off the unaccompanied minor must accompany the child to the gate and stay there for at least 15 minutes after the flight has taken off.

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