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Cancellation of flight tickets is never fun. If you have decided not to travel due to any reason and now want to cancel your travel plans. No problem! Southwest Airlines cancellation gives you a freedom to make changes and cancel your reservations without paying any extra charges. Many other airlines charge heavy cancellation fees and also offer a little or no refunds for a canceled flight. Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge any extra cancellation fees.



Southwest airlines cancellation policy is considered unique and different from other airlines as it does not charge fees for flight cancellations.

Customers can cancel their Southwest Airlines flight Reservations easily and quickly in many ways. You can cancel your existing bookings through an official website, online without worrying about fees.

If you are a Southwest Airlines app user then you can cancel your bookings by just following some really easy steps:

  • » Go to the official website
  • » Click on “look up reservations”
  • » Enter confirmation number.
  • » Select “refundable fares”
  • » Tap on “cancel flights”

Customers can also contact the expert team of Southwest Airlines, who are available round the clock to assist you and solve your queries.


This is the main query in everyone’s mind while cancelling flight bookings. Southwest Airlines cancellation policy is flexible and offers various ways of easy refunds.

Cancel your travel plans without worrying about a fee!

Customers can get easy refunds on their cancellation. Travelers can cancel their flights all the way up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Non-refundable tickets not used on travel date can be used for future travel up to 1 year from the original purchase date. If Southwest airlines cancellation is made within 24 hours through an official website, app then you can avail easy refunds in the original form or you can convert the airfare into travel funds.


Southwest Airlines Cancellation policies are flexible and vary according to type of tickets purchased, destinations you are travelling and class in which you are travelling. In the case of Business select, anytime, or senior ticket cancellation, the exact value of your purchased ticket will be refunded to your original form of payment.

Customers can easily cancel the Southwest Airlines reservations without any penalty. If a customer cancels a flight with non-refundable fare, then he/she will receive travel funds. These funds can be used for future travel up to 1 year from the date of original purchase. Funds are reusable as long as they were cancelled according to the “no show policy”. In case you didn’t cancel at least 10 minutes before take off, then the purchase price of your ticket will be converted into travel funds which can be used for future purchases.

Cancelation Policy for Business Select and Wanna Get Away Flight Tickets

Sometimes plans change, and you decide not to travel, Southwest's normal flight cancelation policy applies.

Business Select/Anytime tickets are refundable. You can choose to either a) receive a refund or b) hold the ticket value as a travel fund that can be used to buy a future flight.

Wanna Get Away tickets are non-refundable. The ticket value will be converted to a travel fund that can be used to buy a future flight.

For any other Southwest Airlines flight cancelation query or issue, you can get in touch with the Southwest Airlines flight reservations helpdesk by dialing this toll-free number: +1 833-750-9822.

Refund Policy for Wanna Get Away Tickets

Southwest's Wanna Get Away fares are not refundable, but they offer a flexible flight cancelation policy. When canceling a Wanna Get Away airfare, the ticket value will be changed to a travel fund which can be used to buy a future Southwest flight ticket.

There are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Flight must be booked and completed by the travel fund's expiration date.
  • If there are multiple people on the itinerary, each passenger will retain a travel fund. This means that travel funds will belong to the individual named on the ticket, regardless of who paid for the flight ticket.
  • Flight must be canceled at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. Otherwise, any Wanna Get Away funds can't be used.
  • Passengers must possess their six-digit flight confirmation number (sent on their registered confirmation email). They'll need it while using the travel fund to book a new flight.

Please note that Travel Funds are credits from a canceled flight that can be used to purchase a future Southwest flight. The funds are enclosed with the canceled flight's six-digit confirmation number.

Charges for a Southwest Airlines Flight Change

Southwest Airlines never charges any fees for flight changes (either intentionally or through the airline). Sometimes, Southwest may ask a customer to pay a difference in fare if the new flight they're choosing costs more than their original itinerary.

What's the good news, then? If a customer's new Southwest flight costs less, you'll be refunded with the difference to the original form of payment (if applicable), or the fare difference will be held for future use as a reusable travel fund for the originally ticketed Passenger(s), as long as travel is completed within the expiration date, which is one year from the date of the original flight booking.


In response to COVID-19, many airlines have added several waivers to allow all the travelers to change and cancel their travel plans without any fees. Due to the current increase of coronavirus Southwest Airlines has made many flexible changes in their policies. The expiry dates of travel funds have been extended. Customers funds that have already expired or will expire between 1 March- 31 May, 2020 will now expire on 31 June, 2021.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q: Can I cancel my Southwest flight tickets for free?

A) Southwest airlines offers various ways of easy refunds. If you book tickets under Wanna Get Away, Anytime and Business select, you can use your funds for future travel plans till on year from the date of reservations. Also, Under Anytime and Business select option of southwest fares are refunded if you cancel your flights tickets more than 10 minutes before flight departure. If you are not going to book flight to travel on any portion you can cancel your tickets using southwest official site, official app or by contacting southwest customer support with 24 hours of ticket booking. And you will receive in the form in which you have paid at time of reservation.

Q: What happens if I cancel a ticket, booked using southwest points?

A) If you cancel a flight ticket which you booked using points, then points will refund to your account which was used for booking. Also, taxes and other fees if applied will be charges for a refund.

Q: Is there any charge on making changes to an existing southwest reservations?

A) Southwest never charge for making changes or on cancelling you flight tickets. Although you if you choose a flight with a higher fare then you have to pay only the difference.

Q: How many times can I make changes on my Southwest flight?

A) There is no limit on making changes on your southwest flight. You can make changes as many times you want but you have to price difference if applicable.

Q: How can I cancel my southwest flight ticket?

A) You can cancel your southwest flight tickets in many ways. Tickets can be cancelled using southwest airlines official site, official app or by calling southwest customer care number.