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Frontier Airlines Check-in Options

Planning a trip with your loved ones? Book your Flight tickets with Frontier Airlines which offers several options for check-ins. With Frontier airlines, travelers can check-in 24hours before the departure time according to their convenience. You can save your time by doing online check-ins, through app and other various ways.

How Can You Check-in for Flight?


There are following ways in which you can check-in:

  • » Online check-in (web check-in)
  • » Mobile check-in
  • » Check-in at airport
  • » Self-service kiosk check-in

Online Check-in

Frontier airlines gives you an opportunity to check-in via online. All your need is proper access of internet. Customers can easily and quickly check-in by just visiting the official website of Frontier airlines 24 hours prior to the departure time. Online check-in saves your time as you don’t have to stand in long lines for check-ins.

Travelers have freedom to choose their seats according to your comfort and convenience. This procedure of check-in is easy as it gives you a chance to check-in anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Check-in

Frontier airlines provides you a benefit to check-in through mobile. Travelers can download the free Frontier Airlines app on their mobile phones and after making
Frontier airlines flight reservations customer can get mobile pass easily. If you have mobile boarding pass and no baggage then you can directly go to the gate without wasting time in airport line.

Check-in at Airport

Frontier airlines gives you an opportunity to check-indirectly by visiting airport. In case a traveler is not able to check-in through online or by any other mean, then he/she can check-in directly through airport. Full-service check-in counters are available at airports.

Self-service Check-in

Frontier airlines offers self-service Kiosk check-ins at many airports. Travelers have to just bring the confirmation code, email, credit card, passport, etc. for self-service check-ins. It also gives you freedom to choose your seat according to your comfort and convenience.

What Are Frontier Airlines Check-in Times?

  • » Frontier airlines recommends all the customers to follow the check-in scheduled timings to avoid any kind of inconvenience and to make your journey hassle-free.
  • » It is recommended to the travelers to arrive 2 hours before the departure time. You must have the boarding pass printed and any baggage checked by the cutoff times:
  • » International flights- 60 minutes prior to the departure time
  • » Domestic flights- 45 minutes prior to the departure time
  • » These check-in timings are set for your convenience and it is advised to every traveler to follow these check-in times if you don’t want to miss our flight.