5 Top Rated Attractions to Visit in Detroit

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Detroit, an iconic city on the Detroit River, is famous for its rich music scene and underground techno scene. It is home to world-class museums, vibrant craft beer culture, and stunning natural beauty.

It is a perfect destination to explore the untraversed sylvan paths and discover the hidden caves that lead to stunning landscapes with your loved ones. You can experience the glittery nightlife of Detroit in Belt and party all night with your friends. Henry Ford Museum is a must-visit place to witness history with your children.


5 Must-visit Destinations in Detroit

1. Belle Isle

Belle Isle Park, known as the jewel of Detroit, is a gateway to the surreal beauty and magnificence of the city. The spectacular park, which lies in the middle of the Detroit River, reflects the rich history and offers a magical landscape of the bustling town. It is home to Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Belle Isle Nature Zoo, and Belle Isle Aquarium.

It features a stunning perennial garden, magnificent museums, and architectural marvels, and Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is a reminder of the living history of the past. It is a perfect place to admire the natural beauty, discover the culture, and enjoy outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant and joyful boat ride over the Detroit River.

2. Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

Do we know who Henry Ford was? Right! For those who don’t know, he was an American industrialist, business magnate, and founder of Ford Motor Company. Detroit has a museum dedicated to Henry Ford showcasing a dazzling museum brimming with presidential vehicles, gigantic trains, innovative homes, agriculture machines, and musical instruments.

Spirit Airlines reservations window opens the gate to this gem of a destination that encompasses four impressive attractions. These are:

  • Henry Ford Museum
  • Greenfield Village
  • Ford Rouge factory Tour
  • Giant Screen Experience

Greenfield Village, a historical museum, is the soul of Detroit that keeps its past alive. It showcases the agricultural and technological development in the United States and a replica of Edison's laboratory in New Jersey. It has the largest indoor-outdoor activity complex in the nation, offering fun activities, such as riding retro trains and T-type cars is another adventure worth experiencing. The garden is home to a gorgeous tulip garden and windmills.

3. Commercia Park

Commercia Park was earlier a classic Tiger Stadium. It is a famous and well-designed baseball stadium. Visitors come from all corners to witness the unique and great views, as it is home to a gigantic Ferris wheel, a gurgling fountain, and a carousel.

If you are a baseball fan, spirit book flight recommends this must-visit destination, known as the home field of the Detroit Tigers. You can also watch a baseball match and be glued to your seats hoping to catch a fly ball.

Detroit Riverwalk

The Detroit Riverwalk is an eye-catching destination that attracts tourists from all over the World. The breathing views from the waterfront are worth witnessing, so plan your Detroit itinerary today with spirit book ticket and get cheap flights.

You will see the pathway packed with people, playing children, and cyclists. It is a perfect place for relishing some me time and admiring panoramic landscapes. It thrives with lively spirit during the day and gives stunning views of the lit-up city over the water at night.

5. Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum celebrates the city's history, automotive industry, and culture. It highlights how Detroit became the motor city and got its name. The museum showcases the reconstruction of Detroit's old streets, model railways, and dioramas.

It also exhibits the role of factories and people during World War II and underground railways. Explore the untraversed alleys of the museum and listen to the glories of the past singing the historical buildings with spirit airlines book a flight.

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Spirit Airlines booking offers budget-friendly travel options to turn your travel plans into a beautiful reality. Detroit is a stunning town showcasing history, rich culture, slurping cuisines, and a breathtaking amalgamation of art and architecture.


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