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Jetblue Airlines Check in Policy

Jetblue Airlines

JetBlue flights have customer friendly policies. Jetblue flight check policy is in one of them. According to JetBlue Airlines' check-in policy, all passengers must check-in 30 minutes before departure, which is the cut-off for all domestic flights. Read this to know more information about check-in policy.


What is JetBlue Airlines Check-in options?

Jetblue.com allows customers to check-in for their flight up to 24 hours before departure. You may also utilize the JetBlue mobile app and a kiosk or ticket counter at the airport. Customers can add checked baggage, amend their seat selection, and purchase Even More Space seats throughout this procedure. Thirty minutes or less before departure, kiosk check-in is not possible. Visitors can check-in at the airport kiosk. You have another option of ticket counter if online or mobile app check-in is unavailable. Proof of Return/Onward Travel is required in some countries and will be required at the departing airport ticket counter. Customers flying internationally must check-in at least 60 minutes before departure.

  • Check-in over the internet (Web check-in)
  • Mobile check-in is available and curbside check-in when you reach at airport.
  • Self-service kiosk check-in is available when you reach at airport.
  • You can check-in at the ticket desk.

What do you need to know about Jetblue Airlines Baggage Inspection?

When you arrive at the airport, you may go to the ticket counter or the bag drop counter without stopping. Each airport's hours are different. If you have checked luggage, you may check-in up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure on jetblue.com or the JetBlue mobile app. JetBlue will not be responsible for any fees paid for luggage checked in after the deadline, nor will we be liable for delivery or reimbursement for late checked bags. Baggage will not be accepted more than six hours before the planned departure time of an aircraft.

Checked Bag Fees

The following fees apply to checked bags that are added at the airport or within 24 hours of departure. A third (or more) checked bag costs $200 or £150 to/from London, and $150 on all other routes.

Do you want to save money on checked bag fees? You can add up to two checked bags ahead of time (more than 24 hours before departure) and save $5 on each of the first two checked bags. Please keep in mind that checked bag fees are only refundable if the entire reservation is cancelled prior to the scheduled departure date.

The third (or more) checked bag fee is only applicable at the airport or during check- in.

Checked Bag Size and Weight

Checked bags must not exceed 62" (157.48 cm) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) or weigh more than 50 pounds (22.68 kg). Bags that do not meet the dimensions and/or weight restrictions are considered oversized and/or overweight and will be charged a fee for each applicable category.

For example, if a bag is both overweight and oversized, both the overweight and oversized fees will be charged.

How to manage your time after reaching the airport?

Customers flying domestically must board the plane 15 minutes before departure, even if they have checked in and obtained a boarding card, any client who is not on board. This may result in a denial of boarding, for which there will be no compensation. On international flights, passengers must board 20 minutes before departure. JetBlue is not responsible for any costs incurred due to a customer's late arrival or refusal to board.

When should I arrive at the airport to catch my JetBlue flight?

Always try to arrive prior 2 hours of scheduled departure time for domestic flights in the United States.

For international flights to/from the United States, arrive 3 hours before the planned departure time (4 hours from Bogota) with carry-on luggage, a minimum check-in time is necessary.

Baggage: 20 minutes before planned departure time for domestic flights in the United States. Incase of international tickets to/from the United States, you should arrive 60 minutes before the planned departure time.

For US domestic flights, the minimum check-in time with checked luggage is 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.


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