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Jetblue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines is known as the sixth largest major American low-cost carrier which is headquartered in New York city. This airline serves more than 90 destinations worldwide and is well-known for all its in-flight amenities which can make your travelling experience remarkable.

JetBlue also has some flexible and convenient policies to provide benefits to both the passengers and the airline. It provides great deals and offers which can be enjoyed by the passengers travelling with JetBlue airlines. One of the flexible policies introduced by JetBlue is Standby policy which can be a great experience for the customers who are planning to travel in JetBlue. Flying standby gives you a golden opportunity to travel in better flight with best facilities.


How to Fly Standby With Jetblue Airlines

Important Points to Remember if You Want to Fly Standby With Jetblue

The opportunity of standby flight will be enjoyed by only those passengers who have already booked their JetBlue airlines and now because of any reason they could not continue with the changes in their flight bookings.

To enjoy the benefit of travelling standby with JetBlue airline requires a nominal fee of $75 which is refundable in case your plans change or you do not get the flight.

If you want to fly standby then it is a must to have JetBlue airlines flight reservations ticket.

Same Day Standby (Confirmed Flight Changes)

Flying standby with JetBlue allows passengers to make same-day flight changes at the airport or through their mobile phones. Passengers can make their necessary flight changes. Travelers can travel on earlier or later flights available on the same day as the originally scheduled departure date.

You have to pay a fee of $50 if you request for same day flight changes before the departure. Whereas if you request for flight changes after the departure, then you have to pay a fee of $75, $200 or $150, depending on the fare difference.

Process to Book Jetblue Standby Flights

  • Firstly book your general flight ticket (through mobile app, official website, or by visiting the airport).
  • Contact the JetBlue team which is available 24*7 to assist you in every possible way.
  • Ask the expert to check the status of qualifying seats in standby.
  • isit the airport and tell the airport staff that you want to have a standby flight and seat
  • astly, Enter all the necessary details and just wait for your turn to acquire the standby flight and seat.

Contact Jetblue Airlines

In case of any query or issue, customers can contact the dedicated team of JetBlue airlines. The customer support team is available round the clock to resolve all the issues of the travelers. You can contact them through the official website, through JetBlue mobile app or by simply calling on the customer support team number.

Feel free to contact us any time and make your travelling journey hassle-free!


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