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Brussels Airlines pet Policy

If you are a pet lover, you want to fly with your pet. But it isn't easy to fly with a pet because the airline does not allow it. But with the Brussel airline, it is possible because this airline has specific terms and conditions to fly with your pet.

Before booking flights, travellers should study the airline rules regarding journeys with a pet.

What is the Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy?

Brussels airline permits travellers to fly with their pets. It offers proper safety and comfort. Through, by offering your pets cabin or in the hold. The airlines have various rules and regulations depending on your destination's animal and route.

But if you want to fly with your pet, check availability and book a ticket in advance. Tickets with your pet can be booked via the airlines' medical assistance team. In addition, you can get more detail on Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy Online by visiting the airline website.

All animals rather than cats and dogs can be shipped as freight based on the IATA live animals regulation act.

What are the guidelines for transporting animals with Brussels airlines?

The following are the airlines' rules if you want to fly with your pet. Let's see-

  • The animal should be clean, healthy, calm and without any bad smell.
  • The animal should not be pregnant,
  • The other passengers should not be feeling discomfort because of your pet.
  • The ticket with your pet should be booked in advance; after proper medical tests of your pet, contact to airline service centre.
  • The pet should be kept in a comfortable space like a container or cage full of oxygen. In the container, enough food and water should be kept for the entire flight.
  • The pet should be locked inside the cage with proper comfort till the flight has not reached its destination.

The highest of two younger animals of similar size, upto 14 kg each, and are known for each other can be kept in one container. Animals exceed the given limit, and then they can be kept in separated containers. You can enquire about Brussels Baggage Policy Online.

If the pets are only 6 months old, three pets can be kept in the same container. Remember that pets are not accepted in the grip on Air Nostrum operated flights.

The said Brussels Airlines pet Policy would help you understand the airline rule and regulations regarding the pet journey in flights.


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+1 833-750-9822 ⇒ BOOK NOW


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