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Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy

If you have planned your journey from Brussels Airlines, you are now worried about your luggage. So we suggest you know the luggage policy of your preferred airline before booking a ticket.

Through the following points, we will explain to you the luggage policies of the airline that will help you avoid hindrance during flight boarding.

What is Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy?

How much luggage you can bring on your flight journey depends on your seat booking. So your luggage amount becomes the class of traveller, route and regular traveller status accordingly. For example, if you are travelling from Brussels airline here, you can check detail about the amount of luggage you can bring by baggage calculator.

What says Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy Online?

The airline's baggage policy speaks that the number of luggage depends on the class of passengers and your journey path. However, passengers cannot bring more than 5 luggage items in a few conditions.

Each traveller has allowed three bags with the highest weight, around 22 kg per bag. Moreover, charges for luggage can be split, which means if you have paid the cost of two bags on one booking, you can carry 44 kg luggage. But the weight should be distributed between two bags, but one bag should not be more than 32 kg.

What is Brussels Baggage Policy Online for connecting flights and partner airline flights?

You don't need to fret about your luggage on the connecting flights under Brussels airlines. The flight services automatically check your luggage weight, and you have to pick up your luggage from the final destination.

But in case your connecting flights are maintained by the partner flights, you have to bring your luggage toward connecting airport and check your luggage for the next flight.

What are the restricted items in Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy?

Travellers cannot carry electronic devices in luggage. Such as-

  • Power banks
  • Unused batteries
  • Drone and cameras
  • E-bikes, smartbags etc.

Which thing you can bring or not the airline's dangerous good departments decide it. Other prohibited items are-

Usually, any luggage that can harm aircraft and create safety issues for travellers is not permitted in your bags. Other items are-

  • Broken items like- glass, artworks etc.
  • Expensive and essential items like-jewelery, documents etc. in your packed bags.

Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy avoid carrying following things-

  • Dangerous aircraft, people or property.
  • Dangerous items not permitted can harm aircraft.
  • Few of the items are prohibited according to airlines rule and regulations.
  • Not in support of carriage because of items' weight, size or character.


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+1 833-750-9822 ⇒ BOOK NOW


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