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Swoop airlines is the Canadian ultra-low-cost Airlines based at Hamilton International Airport in Ontario is a subsidiary of West Jet. This airline serves many destinations in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States. Swoop Airlines was founded in 2017 and has launched its first international flights to several places within the US in mid-2018. The prices of Swoop Airlines is 40% less than its parent Airline i.e. West Jet. This airline currently has the nine Boeing 737-800s in its fleet.


The ultra-low-cost major Canadian Airlines provides your flight tickets at a very reasonable and affordable price. Passengers travelling in this airline can make trouble-free and smooth Swoop AIRLINES Flight Reservations in many various ways. It offers you various options of making stress-free flight bookings according to your comfort and convenience:

Reservations through the official website: customers can visit the official website of Swoop Airlines book the low-cost flight tickets by following some easy steps.

Reservations through mobile application: customers can download Swoop application in their android or IOS mobile phones. This allows you to book your flight tickets anywhere, anytime and also saves your time.


Swoop is a first-ever ultra-low-cost Canadian Airlines which flies to over 20 destinations. It serves 4 different countries i.e. Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and the United States. Following are the cities you can visit and explore by making your Swoop AIRLINES Reservations:

Canada Halifax, Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Abbotsford, Kelowna, London, Kamloops, Victoria, St. John’s, Moncton, Charlottetown
Mexico Mazatlan, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos
Jamaica Montego Bay
United States Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale


Swoop Airlines offers 2 different ways of check-in. Customers can easily and quickly make their Swoop Airlines Reservations online, by visiting the airport or through Swoop mobile application. Swoop Airlines also gives you an opportunity to save time and check-in directly by visiting the Swoop official website.


All passengers can check-in online through the official webpage of Swoop Airlines. You just need to follow some really easy steps for hassle-free and seamless check-in. Travelers have full freedom to check-in from 24 hours before the scheduled departure time up until one hour before scheduled departure time. This easy way of online check-in saves your time as you don’t have to stand and wait in long check-in lines at the airport.


Passengers can also visit directly to the airport and check-in easily. For airport check-in, you have to go at check-in desks and airport check-in opens 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. In case of domestic flights, the check-in closes 45 minutes prior t departure time whereas it closes 60 minutes before the departure time in case of international flights. You need to have all necessary documents for seamless and pleasant check-in.


You can easily make your Swoop Airlines Reservations in different ways. Swoop Airlines is known as an ultra-low-cost airline and due to that, it doesn’t give authority to passengers for free carry-on baggage, except small personal item. It is suggested to every passenger to purchase any other baggage in advance at the airport. All passengers can carry one personal item without any charges.

The personal item could be a laptop bag, purse, etc; but the dimension of that item should not be more than 16” *6” *13”.


Passengers are allowed to carry and purchase up to four pieces of checked baggage by paying an extra fee. The maximum dimension of checked baggage should be 62” and the maximum weight should be 23 kg (50lbs).


Passengers have to pay an additional fee for carry-on baggage. The maximum dimension of carry-on baggage should be 21”*9”*15”.

Book your ultra-low-cost Swoop Airlines flight tickets and follow the basic baggage policy to avoid any kind of problem.


Economy class is only cabin class available in Swoop Airlines. Passengers can enjoy various benefits and services throughout their flight journey. Swoop Airlines strives to make every part of your journey convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. Customer’s satisfaction is an important thing for Swoop Airlines and hence for that this Airline is providing various facilities along with ultra-low-cost flight tickets. You can enjoy many benefits at a cheap price from the very beginning to the end of your journey. This means that you can make your budget-friendly Swoop Airlines Reservations without giving extra loads to your wallets.



Passengers travelling with Swoop AIRLINESs can enjoy the benefit of comfortable and relaxing seats. The seats in Swoop economy class cabin are in 3*3 configurations with 17” of width and 29” of seat pitch. Swoop Airlines flight Reservations gives you a golden opportunity to choose your preferred seats with extra legroom, which offers 36” of seat pitch. The seats are designed in such a way that it will give you a home-alike comfortable feeling even when you are miles away from your place.


Swoop Airlines flight bookings allow you to purchase in-flight entertainment and enjoy various benefits during their flight journey. You can watch TV shows, movies, series on the personal TV screens provided for each passenger. This benefit makes your travelling interesting and exciting.


Passengers have a chance to purchase their preferred meals and drinks form the in-flight menu. It offers you a wide variety of snacks, drinks, beverages, alcohol and many more. You can purchase anything during your flight journey but it is must to pay from credit or debit card as cash is not accepted.


This is the most interesting benefit you can enjoy during your flight. Swoop Airlines offers you a fast speed WIFI which helps you to stay connected with the outside world even when you are in the clouds. You can use the facility of high-speed WIFI to check the routes, emails, to message someone, etc.


For any kind of query or issue related to your flight bookings, you can contact the dedicated team of Swoop Airlines Reservations which is available 24*7 to assist you. The experts are there to guide you in every step. Passengers can contact the customer's support team of Swoop Airlines in many ways. You can get in touch with the experts through the official website, through a mobile application or by directly calling on the customer service number.


Q: Is Swoop Airline considered a good airline?

A) Most of the passengers claimed that Swoop Airlines provided amazing in-flight services along with comfortable and relaxing seats.

Q: How to make Swoop Airline Reservations?

A) Swoop Airline offers you an ultra-low-cost flight ticket. Customers can make seamless Swoop Airline Reservations by visiting the Swoop official website and following some really easy steps. It also offers you an opportunity to make stress-free reservations anytime, anywhere through the mobile-friendly Swoop application

Q: Why choose Swoop Airlines?

A) Along with cheap flight tickets, the Swoop Airline also offers the best flight services and facilities. Customers can relax in comfortable seats of Swoop Airlines. You can also make your budget-friendly Swoop Airline Reservations easily and quickly by visiting its official website or through Swoop mobile application.

Q: How to contact Swoop Airlines?

A) Customers can contact Swoop Airlines for easy flight Reservations or for any issue and queries. You can contact Swoop Airlines through the official website or by just contacting the customer support team. The dedicated team is available 24*7 to assist you in every possible way

Q: How Swoop Airlines is linked with West Jet?

A) Swoop Airlines is considered as the subsidiary of West Jet and the Canadian ultra-low-cost airline. It is believed that the prices of Swoop flight tickets are 40% less than its parent airlines i.e. West Jet.