Best Girl Trip Destinations in the Bismarck

Visit Bismarck

Anyone's first reaction to Bismarck would be "Woooww!!!'' for its sweet panoramic sights and thrilling tourism spots. The capital of North Dakota, Bismarck has everything that you are chasing for this summer vacation. A multitude of art shops, galleries, and museums; a hub of historic sites; and a paradise for an enjoyable family experience, Bismarck is more than this. From stylish cafe slots to sky-touching marvels, the city is always waiting for you with open arms!!!

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State Capitol Building

If you are here in this city of North Dakota, then you should put the beautifully constructed State Capitol Building on your priority list. Built in the mid-1930s during the Great Depression, the state capitol is the tallest building in the city and currently serves as the seat of the North Dakota government. If you want to gain some knowledge about the history of this political structure, then you should come with your girl squad and family members too. That is a wonderful opportunity folks, don't waste it!!!

North Dakota Heritage Center

Every country, state, and the place has a distinct heritage, which it wants to conserve in the forms of tales, cultural centers, museums, etc. Just like North Dakota has a beautiful cultural heritage, that is displayed through the North Dakota Heritage Center. Walking through time from one exhibit to another, you can easily find the life-size skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex, the world's biggest giant squid fossil, and much more. Plan for a group trip with your best friends from the Frontier Airlines flight booking portal and gather sweet memories.

Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises

How about a memorable cruise ride over the tranquil waters of the Missouri River? Grabbing a snack bite from the nearby restaurant and flowing over the waters of this silent river in North Dakota… Well, that sounds amazing, no? The Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises of Bismarck offers daily seasonal cruises on the river, including dinner, entertainment, and special event tours. Plus, you will get an amazing opportunity to travel through a comfortable environment to view the beautiful countryside.

Former Governor's Mansion

Are you ready for a thorough dive into history? Know about this charming landmark in North Dakota that served as the residence of North Dakota governors from 1893 to 1960. The site is especially known for its beautiful construction in Victorian stick style design, which always stuns its visitors a lot. Outside the Governor's Mansion, there is a lovely garden that showcases more than 60 species of heritage plants, which adds a topping to your visit to this mansion. Guided tours are available for tourists. Maybe you should too, reserve seats in advance for your friends and family members from the Frontier Air booking portal.

Gateway to Science

To develop a scientific approach, one should think to visit the Gateway to Science. As its name suggests, the site is a complete fun-packed destination, with a blend of knowledge, science, and history. Popular among solo travelers, families, and institutional visitors, the center features hands-on exhibits with scientific themes such as electricity, magnetism, light, machines, and air pressure, which help to delve into the aspects of science. More or less, that will act as a knowledge booster for your friends!!

The Dakota Zoo

The site which is one of the most loved tourist destinations among visitors, the Dakota Zoo offers a variety of interesting things to do in the setup of the thrilling animal kingdom. Be it close-up encounters with animals, or getting details through education, the Zoo facilities will never leave you bored. The zoo houses more than 600 animals on a 90-acre facility, including Bengal tigers, American alligators, arctic foxes, gray wolves, among others. Hire a guide and begin your journey folks!!

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